Códigos QR a prueba de manipulaciones

Sep 15, 2023 | 07:48 AM | por Dhruv M. Trivedi

Using QR codes effectively on your digital signage screens

Modern-day payments or information sharing, especially post-COVID, is unthinkable without QR codes. The Japanese who invented the QR code (an abbreviation for Quick Response) in the 1990s to track vehicles and parts during manufacturing would not have imagined that their invention would be so wildly used.

One problem with the explosive growth in QR code use for point-of-sale information sharing and digital payments is the rise in QR code scams. Various instances of scammers replacing legit QR codes with their own have been reported. Using QR codes to manage promotions, information sharing, and payment collection at multiple locations can be risky for a customer.

With Ryarc’s CampaignManager platform, the risk of QR code tampering can be avoided. You can create QR codes on the fly, schedule and publish them on targeted screens. You can configure the QR codes to serve content on demand, allowing visitors to scan and interact or choose content that they are interested in, see promotions, offers, and prices on their mobile devices, or even scan and make payments. You can also change the information or content served by the QR codes or create new QR codes within minutes.

By incorporating QR codes into your Signage using the Ryarc CampaignManager platform, you can drive engagement and interaction with your Brand or Product and, most importantly, make your QR codes safe and tamper-proof. QR code is a free default feature available with any version of Ryarc CampaignManager.