DOOH Retail Audio

Nov 24, 2023 | 10:27 AM | por Dhruv M. Trivedi

Retail Audio, DOOH Audio network, In-Store Audio

Many retailers and DOOH companies often overlook the use of audio management technology to engage people with music, advertisements, announcements, or promotions as they move around, even though a retail or DooH audio network can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of a digital screen signage network.

With Ryarc Dappler, customers can create an in-house audio station or start their own branded audio channels to deliver crystal-clear audio across targeted locations, seamlessly mixing music, internal promotions, news, AD campaigns, or any required audio content at the click of a button. The platform provides comprehensive options to schedule campaigns and conditional playback features to trigger audio campaigns based on custom category attributes, data feeds, touch, QR codes, Sensors (IoT), camera vision (Gender and Age-based audio trigger), and AI models. The monitoring dashboard helps users to check what’s playing on any player at any time or for the IT support team to check online or offline status, player device metrics, CPU, Memory, HD space, download status, do remote maintenance, and use commands to manage the network remotely. For DooH companies, retail chains, and shopping mall owners who want to monetize their audio network, Dappler’s seamless integration with Ryarc Foro can be very useful and advantageous.

Ryarc Dappler is used by many customers worldwide to power their in-house audio channels and by service providers who have started their own audio services for clients using Ryarc’s secure and scalable digital platform. Póngase en contacto con nosotros if you would like more information about Ryarc Dappler. You are welcome to request a free demo anytime.