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Automate the auction and direct selling of ADs on your DOOH assets with Foro

Create a public (or private) marketplace for your DOOH Assets with FORO

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Ryarc Foro – a custom fit solution to automate your DOOH AD sales

Ryarc Foro offers a better option to DooH asset owners looking for programmatic advertising solutions, also known as programmatic DOOH or pDOOH, to automate the buying, selling, and delivery of out-of-home advertising. With Ryarc Foro, the retail and traditional OOH & DOOH network operators manage the auctioning, direct selling, billing, invoicing, and publishing of digital ads directly to the screen, saving costs and increasing profits for your DOOH network.

The Foro Advantage? “Time, money and market reach”

The commercial case for a direct sales team selling to big-budget clients does not work for selling to clients with a small budget. This leaves a certain percentage of inventory that remains unsold or is given free to clients. Ryarc Foro helps in automating sales of such inventory which helps DOOH network owners earn additional revenues by increasing their market reach.

Create your own market place to auction and sell your ADs

Ryarc Foro helps operators of both retail and traditional OOH & DOOH networks to create their own AD marketplace where customers wanting to advertise on their network can check availability, bid or buy AD slots, upload their content, and pay for their ads. Foro can be used in conjunction with the traditional sales process, helping to cut costs, improve sales, and increase profit.

Billing, Payment, Reporting, Credit Management

With Foro, both retail and traditional OOH & DOOH network operators can manage the auctioning, direct selling, billing, invoicing, and publishing of digital ads directly to the screen. Setting up customer accounts, updating credit limits, and discounts, screen category-wise rack rates, reserve rates, and bid increase rates can be managed directly from Foro. Unlike most other programmatic advertising options for DooH ad sales, Ryarc Foro can be customized to fit the business requirements.

Get Detailed Analytics of your Signage Assets Instantly

Foro dashboard provides live data and analytics like network occupancy, top-performing locations, cold spots, etc. that can help DOOH asset owners and agencies make faster decisions.

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Discover the benefits of using Ryarc FORO

Move your DOOH Inventory Online

Move your DOOH inventory online without investing a large amount of time and money to develop and manage an online sales platform.

Reach out to the smaller advertiser

Foro helps DOOH companies reach advertisers with small budgets as it’s often not viable for the DOOH company to directly deal with them.

White-label Customized Frontend

With Foro, create your own branded marketplace. You can use Foro’s default front end or get a custom UI developed as per your requirements.

Monetize unsold or slow moving inventory

A certain percentage of inventory that remains unsold or is given free to clients is a loss. Use Foro to monetize unsold inventory.

Media workflow

Foro’s media management workflow helps Clients to directly upload media for review which on approval automatically gets distributed.

Set pricing per screen group

Set up groups for different DOOH assets like Outdoor Screens, Indoor screens, etc. Set up separate pricing for each group as required.

Enable bidding on AD slots

Bidding can be set for any specific slot for a specific period. Minimum bidding and counter-bidding rates can be set per category or group of screens.

Integrate payment

Any payment gateway as per client choice can be integrated with Ryarc Foro to help DOOH companies receive online payments

Malls, Retail, Airports, DOOH

Foro can help DOOH companies, Retailers, City Authorities, Airports, Shopping mall operators improve ROI on their Signage assets

100% Web based UI

Foro is 100% web based application that can be accessed from anywhere on any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Scalable to any size

Foro is fully integrated with Ryarc CampaignManager platform and can be used for a single screen or thousands of screens.

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