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Ryarc services for customers

Ryarc provides a range of services to customers for content creation, day-to-day digital signage network operations, technical services to manage hosted or on-premises servers, IT management services, and custom software development and integration services as per customer requirements. The services are provided on a per-project requirement basis or an agreed fixed monthly retainer ship basis.

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Ryarc Content & Operation Services

Ryarc offers services for content creation, adaptation, scheduling, and distribution to required target screens. This is helpful for customers who do not have an in-house team or would like to outsource such services to help them focus on their core activities. All clients get a dedicated account manager who would work closely with client creative agencies, and the marketing department to get the content files and scheduling and distribution plan. Our services include content adaptation to different sizes and orientations, be it landscape, portrait, video walls, or custom resolution screens, creating Campaigns, scheduling, and targeting them to the required screens to ensure that the right content always plays on the right screens at the right time. Services for creating Audiovisual content, and data-driven templates to show real-time data feeds from the internet, intranet, cameras, and sensors are also available at a reasonable cost.

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Ryarc Technical Services

Managing servers whether hosted or on-premises, keeping them updated with the latest OS, Database software, security, network monitoring, data backups, restore, troubleshooting issues, applying software upgrades, monitoring remote locations devices, and providing periodic updates and reports is not a trivial task. Ryarc can offer a full range of technical services as required by the customer, be it installation and deployment, regular management of the server performance, taking periodic backups, monitoring remote sites, and initiating corrective actions as required. Services are available at a fix monthly price basis.

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Ryarc Development Services

While most client requirements for deploying digital signage, AD sales automation, Sensors, and IoT Device management are usually met with the in-built features in Ryarc’s enterprise platform and its open API that allows integration with virtually any third-party system, we understand that some customers may need custom integration or development services to meet some of the unique requirements of their organization. For projects that require custom integration with multiple software, point-of-sale systems, IoT devices, data feeds, AI models, and sensors, Ryarc’s integration services team can ensure that the integration is done most efficiently to help the customer save time and money. Ryarc also offers complete 360-degree development services that include project consulting, planning, development, testing, implementation, and rollout to customize or create a solution that meets their unique business needs. Ryarc’s prebuilt highly customizable framework for digital signage and IoT device management also helps clients save significant costs and time.

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