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Ryarc’s Internet of Things (IoT) Platform – Secure, Robust, Scalable

An end-to-end IoT platform – ready to deploy, customizable without relying on expensive and time-consuming costs at every step

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rIOT – An enterprise grade IoT Edge Device Management platform

rIOT is an enterprise-grade edge device management platform to remotely manage, deploy, monitor, and control a single edge device or thousands of edge products, sensors, IoT devices, camera feeds, and databases securely. rIOT can be adapted to any facility, no matter what specialization or size. It can also be integrated with existing technologies and software, connected, and modified.


Ready to Deploy, Easily Customizable

Ryarc’s rIOT is a ready, easy-to-use IOT platform with enterprise capabilities that helps organizations eliminate the risk, complexities, and high costs of IoT deployment without overhauling their existing infrastructure.

Cross-application ready

rIOT’s cross-application capability can be very useful for managing and successfully scaling IoT projects. Its ability to integrate existing or new applications to interact and have joint rules, metrics, and alerts on shared data can save a lot of cost and time for a company.

Manage single or thousands of devices

It can remotely manage, deploy, monitor, and control a single edge device or thousands of edge products, sensors, IoT devices, camera feeds, and databases securely and can be adapted to any facility, no matter what specialization or size.

Save time and Costs

rIOT helps customers and system integrators save time and cost in implementing IoT solutions as it supports any device, system, protocol, and data structure. It allows users to easily change business logic, dashboards, and user hierarchies without expensive professional service hours.

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Discover the benefits of using rIOT

Deploy over the air updates

Deploy updates over the air. Fix bugs or upgrade the product safely and securely at the click of a button.

Monitor and manage devices

Get visibility into real-time device status, health, and activity using our monitoring dashboards.

Enroll devices automatically

Add devices seamlessly anywhere in the world. Install, configure, and see your device appear in rIOT dashboard.

Condition-based Alerts

Set up workflows, and conditions to trigger processes or alerts required to initiate corrective actions.

Intelligent Vending

Maximize vending machine efficiency & reduce costs with remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Get timely alerts and trigger processes to auto-initiate corrective actions.

Smart Commercial Kitchens

Create safer kitchens and save costs by using rIOT to monitor fire, gas, air quality, perishable item quality, water usage, and temperature and meet regulatory compliances.

Smart & Safe Buildings

Buildings can be made more efficient by using rIOT to help them control costs, and increase efficiency, and occupant safety. Automate predictive and preventive processes.

Smart Campus

rIOT’s smart campus solution can help to enhance safety, optimize operations efficiency, and help meet necessary or regulatory information and safety compliance for educational institutes.

Smart Farming

Automate repetitive tasks. Monitor humidity, temperature, moisture precipitation, dew detection, soil conditions, and various necessary field conditions and get actionable insights to save costs and time.

Smart Aquaculture

Monitor water temperature, pH value, dissolved oxygen, and other data to trigger timely actions and decisions to keep water quality at an optimum level for healthy fish growth. Reduce cost of production and operations.

Smart Healthcare

rIOT can help healthcare facilities optimally utilize their infrastructure by changing the way people and devices interact and by creating information flow automation to create a data-driven, patient-centric model.

Adaptable to any industry

rIOT IoT solution is adaptable to any industry, no matter what specialization or size. It can integrate sensors, devices, and data feeds, APIs, databases securely from any existing or new system.

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