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Get Comprehensive Reports for Proof of Playback and Audience Analytics

Create Reports as required with Ryarc Neptune for proof of play based on period, media, screens, audience analytics count, gender & age, etc.

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Comprehensive Reports
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Ryarc Neptune – Detailed Reports and Analytics Server

Ryarc Neptune provides comprehensive proof of playback and analytics reports to track data required to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. The reports can be custom-generated as per requirements.

Proof of Playback reports

Ryarc Neptune provides proof of playback reports that the user can generate by the campaign, by media item, by channel(s), or by device(s). For any report, a custom start and end can be selected for the data required. Reports can be viewed or exported by the authorized user.

Audience count, Gender, and Age count reports

For clients using Ryarc Camera vision, extensive reports are available to help them analyze the number of visitors, male or female, and what age group. The reports can be further filtered by campaigns, media, channels, or devices at remote locations.

Dwell time and Attention time reports

Also, part of the Camera vision reports are the audience dwell time and attention time reports. The Dwell time detects reports help in knowing the time spent by the audience near the Screen location and the Attention time shows the number of people who looked at the screen.

Custom report generation, advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics on devices, their uptime, reboot, hardware parameters, and issue reports are also available in CampaignManager. Customized reports can be developed as per customer requirements by our development team.

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Discover the benefits of using Ryarc Neptume Reports & Analytics

Campaign Reports

Get detailed reports for the entire Campaign performance for the required period.

Media Reports

To track proof of playback of a specific media, generate a report for the required period.

Device Reports

Proof of playback on a specific device at any location can also be generated for any period.

Channel Report

Proof of playback report for any channel can be generated by the user as required.

Audience Count Report

Ryarc Camera Vision users can get audience count reports for campaigns, media, channels, or devices.

Gender wise Report

Ryarc Camera Vision users can get gender-wise reports for campaigns, media, channels, or devices.

Age group wise Report

Ryarc Camera Vision users can get age-wise reports for campaigns, media, channels, or devices.

Dwell and Attention time

Ryarc Camera Vision users can get Dwell and Attention time reports for campaigns, media, channels, or devices.

Player logs Report

Users can select and view or export detailed player log reports on the Neptune server.

Custom Period

Users can set up custom start and end dates and times for the reports as required by them.

Export Reports

The reports created by the user can also be exported as a file and saved by the user.

Reports Customization

Development of customized reports as per customer requirements can be considered on request.