Digital Signage, AD Sales & Auction, Retail Audio, Camera Vision, IoT Device management

An enterprise platform for Digital Signage, Retail Audio, IoT integrated, face, Gender, Age, and Audience analytics, Proof of playback reports, AD booking & Auction

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Digital Signage, AD Sales, Retail Audio, Camera Vision, IoT Device management

Ryarc CampaignManager is an easy-to-use platform with enterprise-grade tools, security, scalability, and world-class support providing the best ROI to customers.

Two Decades of engineering excellence and innovation

Ryarc products represent two decades of engineering excellence, innovation, and experience in supporting clients in diverse industries. Our products remain easy to use yet provide reliability, enterprise-level tools, and scalability to our customers.

Fully developed by the Ryarc team, Not a bolted software

All Ryarc products are developed and supported in-house by the Ryarc R&D and support team representing more than 100 man-years of research, development, testing, and innovation. This helps our customers to be assured of product reliability and support apart from significant savings on licensing and support fees.

Direct Access to the leadership team

Choosing Ryarc means you have direct access to the creators and owners of the product apart from our authorized local sales and support partners It means direct access to the leadership of the company and its engineering team It means power to make decisions on the product where required and a guarantee of full attention from Ryarc.

Global sales and support network

Our global network of sales and support teams ensures that our clients get timely and personalized support no matter what part of the world they are located in.

CampaignManager application


โลโก้ CampaignManager พื้นหลังโปร่งใส

AI Driven Digital Signage

Ryarc CampaignManager is an end-to-end Digital Signage management software for content distribution and reporting. It’s easy to use yet provides enterprise-level tools and scalability as required. Ryarc CampaignManager suits applications from single users to large-scale, multiple tenancy turn-key service provider networks. Schedule or trigger campaigns with AI models, sensors, touch, QR codes, and cameras (Gender, Age, Dwell time, Eye gaze). Ryarc CampaignManager has a flexible screen designer and template creator, data-driven content templates, comprehensive scheduling, and granular targeting. In-built latest features like triggering content based on Touch, AI models, 3rd party data feeds, Sensor data, Gender, age and eye-tracking, programable playlists, users and role-based access, SSO, Easy API integration. Ryarc CampaignManager provides a monitoring dashboard for live and up-to-date status of remote devices, live content, download, and player OS and hardware. The software’s in-built extensive set of remote management tools are invaluable for IT teams to save time and cost. Ryarc Neptune (Ryarc reports server) allows users to generate custom reports.

Ryarc Foro Logo Multi color Transparent Background

AD Sales & Auction

Ryarc Foro helps operators of both retail and traditional OOH & DOOH networks to create their own marketplace where customers wanting to advertise on their network can check availability, bid, or buy AD slots, upload their content, and pay for their ads. Foro can be used in conjunction with the traditional sales process, helping to cut costs, improve sales, and increase profit for DOOH agencies and Signage Asset owners. Both retail and traditional OOH & DOOH network operators can manage the auctioning, direct selling, billing, invoicing, and publishing of digital ads directly to the screen, setting up customer accounts, updating credit limits, and discounts, screen category-wise rack rates, reserve rates, and bid increase rates can be managed directly from Foro. Foro dashboard provides live data and analytics like network occupancy, top-performing locations, cold spots, etc. that can help DOOH asset owners and agencies make more informed decisions. Foro front end can be customized as per client requirements and white labeling is possible. DooH Agencies, Retail chains, Shopping Malls, Signage Asset owners, and Audio networks can implement Foro at zero subscription cost.

rIOT - โลโก้ Ryarc IoT ที่มีเงาและพื้นหลังโปร่งใส

การจัดการอุปกรณ์ IoT

Ryarc’s rIOT is a ready, easy-to-use IOT platform with enterprise capabilities that helps organizations eliminate the risk, complexities, and high costs of IoT deployment without overhauling their existing infrastructure. It can remotely manage, deploy, monitor, and control a single edge device or thousands of edge products, sensors, IoT devices, camera feeds, and databases securely and can be adapted to any facility, no matter what specialization or size. rIOT helps customers and system integrators save time and cost in implementing IoT solutions as it supports any device, system, protocol, and data structure, has cross-application capabilities, also known as IoT orchestration, and allows users to easily change business logic, dashboards, and user hierarchies without expensive professional services hours. rIOT supports integration of sensors from any manufacturer. White labeling and customization is possible. Ryarc offers free consultation by its panel of experts for any IoT solution requirements.

โลโก้ Ryarc Dappler พื้นหลังโปร่งใส

In Store Audio

Ryarc Dappler is the retail audio solution that is designed and priced to work with your business – no matter how big or small, be it a single location or many thousands, the flexibility of the software allows you to start small and grow as your network grows nationally or internationally. You can build playlists with audio content as required be it music, advertising messages, announcements, promotions, audio on demand, audio integrated with QR codes, or any audio content. It can all be scheduled to playback on targeted devices at the click of a button. No need to worry about network dropouts as the Dappler player maintains a content library to reduce network traffic and ensures continuous playback during disconnection. Once published, your audio content will keep playing as per schedule even if your network drops out. Dappler also supports advanced categorization allowing scheduling and targeting of playback devices according to demographic information, size of store, time, revenue per store, or any other business rule you would like to associate with your network. Dappler is trusted by some of the world’s largest retailers to manage their in-store and corporate audio.

โลโก้ Ryarc FaceMatch พื้นหลังโปร่งใส

Ryarc AI & Camera Vision

Ryarc’s AI and Computer vision offer great value to digital signage and audio networks by giving them the ability to engage with their audience by triggering content based on the audience’s gender, age, and dwell time, or even create custom AI models. Apart from serving audience-specific content, you can also generate analytics to check audience count, gender and age, dwell time, and gaze (how many people looked vis a vis how many were around). This can be of tremendous value in analyzing the effectiveness of the campaigns and content. Ryarc AI and Computer vision work in conjunction with sensors, category rules, QR codes, and data feeds to convert the one-way content on screens to truly AI-driven smart screens that continuously adapt and serve content based on audience attributes and business situations.

Ryarc ATSC 3.0 Datacasting Solution รูปภาพพื้นหลังโปร่งใส

การแคสต์ข้อมูล Ryarc ATSC 3.0

ATSC3.0  Over-The-Air  Transport Layer is the latest standard for broadcast television, and it offers a wide range of features that are well-suited for Digital Signage. With its support for hybrid broadcast and broadband delivery, businesses can create more personalized and interactive content experiences that are tailored to their audience’s preferences and interests. This means you can now display targeted ads or promotions based on the demographics or preferences of your audience. Ryarc software, with its robust content management and customization capabilities, Is the perfect platform to take advantage of ATSC3.0’s capabilities. With Ryarc, you can easily create and schedule engaging content that utilizes ATSC3.0’s features to drive customer engagement and increase ROI.

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