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Ryarc Digital Menu Boards for F & B industry

Ryarc Digital Signage, Audio, and IoT Solutions for Food & Beverages industry

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Ryarc Digital Menu Boards and Smart F & B outlet solution

Complete F&B AI & IoT enabled Digital Signage

Digital menu boards, drive-thru, outdoor & indoor digital signage, in-store audio and kiosks

Ryarc CampaignManager can manage outdoor screens, drive-thru screens, indoor screens, kiosks, menu boards, and in-store audio, delivering both scheduled and on-demand content. It has a flexible screen designer with template creator, comprehensive scheduling, enterprise remote management features, and granular role-based access.

Easy integration with any standard Point of Sale system (POS), CRM, ERP, 3rd party software

Ryarc CampaignManager can be integrated with an existing Point of Sale (POS) system to display updated menu items, prices, and availability. Its open API helps in integration with any CRM, ERP or 3rd party software as required.

Generate digital QR codes, Scan and view menus, and promotions on phones, allow local staff to change out-of-stock menu items or run local promotions

With Ryarc CampaigManager digital QR codes can be generated and displayed on screens within minutes. Each digital QR code generated from Ryarc CampaignManager can be programmed to allow patrons to scan and view menus, promotions, discount coupons, order or make payments, etc. on their phone or for staff with required access permissions to scan and quickly change the instore promotions or out-of-stock menu items. Digital QR codes also help save time and cost of paper stickers, allow promotions to be changed as frequently as required, and help avoid the chances of QR code scams.

Ryarc’s AI, Camera vision, and IoT features save cost and provide detailed analytics

Ryarc CampaignManager can be tailored to the specific needs of your food and beverage outlets. Its capability to integrate sensors, edge devices, AI models, cameras, and data feeds makes it a complete solution for smart F&B outlets. Ryarc CampaignManager can ingest data from smart vending machines, Food displays and storage cabinets, monitor water usage, temperature, air quality and trigger appropriate processes and alarms.

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    Discover the benefits of using Ryarc CampaignManager for Digital Menu Boards

    Flexible Screen Designer, Media Templates, Unlimited Zones, Tickers

    Media templates, unlimited screen zones, scrolling text tickers, transparent zones, QR code, All standard images, video, web, Data feeds, RSS, HTML, camera feeds, RSS, and more.

    Comprehensive Scheduling and Audience Targeting

    Comprehensive scheduling options for Campaigns, playlists, and media items. Synced Playback of Media. Granular targeting controls for publishing to targeted screens or devices.

    AI, Sensors, Eye tracking, Gender, Age, and business rules-based triggers

    Trigger playback of content or have its probability of play-out determined by the targeted device meeting required attributes based on categories, AI, Sensor data, Gender, Age, and audience.

    Unlimited Programable playlists, Media libraries, Media Sync setup

    Create unlimited media libraries to organize and share content. Create programmable playlists. Set up media sync, and playback based on media item count per loop, order, or randomized playback.

    Interactive Touch Screen Content and Kiosks, POS integration

    Use CampaignManager for Interactive touch screens and kiosks. Integrate with point-of-sale (POS) devices, sensors, camera feeds, and 3rd party applications.

    Monitoring and Remote Management, Remote Commands

    In-built features to minimize downtime, eliminate site visits, and improve the manageability of the network with advanced monitoring, remote management, and preemptive action tools.

    3rd party data feeds and APIs integration ready

    Third-party data feeds, software, middleware, and APIs are supported. CampaignManager has an extensive API, which is most often used for automated content upload or triggering response to events.

    QR Codes to Interact and control

    Scan the QR code from mobile devices to view special promotions and offers. Staff can scan the QR code to control the screen content. Set up Content on demand to help viewers choose content.

    Manage Users, Roles, SSO

    Create multiple users and roles. Each role can be customized to assign users with specific access levels and user rights as required. Supports Azure Active Directory and SSO login.

    Secure and Scalable

    We take a security-first approach throughout the design and development of CampaignManager. Our software has a proven track record of scalability to 1000s of displays and devices deployed by clients.

    Emergency Alerts

    Integrate and trigger alerts from emergency systems, real-time data feeds, and sensors to boost campus safety for students, staff, and visitors.


    Users can create custom reports for proof of play, campaigns, media items, devices, Audience count, gender, and age. Eye Gaze reports (how many viewers looked at the screen content).